Motorist Who Accidentally Entered Adelaide O-Bahn Busway Drives to Safety

A motorist was recorded successfully navigating the specially built concrete tracks of an O-Bahn busway in Adelaide, South Australia, on September 19, in a mistake that usually ends in disaster for cars.

Luke Elliott, who recorded the footage, told Storyful: “If a car accidentally enters the O-Bahn, although it’s extremely hard to do so, most of the time they fall down the middle,” adding that “last time, an SUV rolled onto its roof.”

In the video, a silver Mercedes can be seen steadily driving on the raised tracks, and passing a bus coming from the opposite direction.

According to 9News, the “elderly” Mercedes driver managed to stay on the tracks for three or four kilometers, before navigating back onto a regular road.

“This is the first time anyone has successfully driven the O-Bahn,” Elliott said. He added that vehicles that had previously failed in doing so had to be “removed with a crane.”

SA Police told ABC they were investigating the incident, but that at this stage no charges or fines had been issued. Credit: Luke Elliott via Storyful

Video transcript