Motorcyclist leaves scene without helping fellow biker in accident he presumably caused, sparks anger (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
According to the video’s timestamp, the incident occurred on October 9 at around 7.30am. — Screengrab from Facebook/

PETALING JAYA, Oct 10 — A motorcyclist’s reaction after a fellow biker crashed right next to him has incited fury amongst Malaysian Facebook users.

A dashcam recording of the incident shows a man on a green motorbike squeezing in between cars to cut into the next lane during a traffic standstill on Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur.

Moments later, another motorcyclist, caught by surprise and apparently trying to avoid the green bike, crashes into a red Suzuki Swift.

Without stopping to check if the man was alright, the motorcyclist on the green bike immediately attempts untangles his vehicle and starts pushing off the victim's motorcycle as the other man tries to free himself.

Several passersby and motorists, including the driver of the red Suzuki Swift, rushed over to check on the stunned individual as the man on the green bike sped off into the distance without offering any help or apology.

Malaysians were shocked and infuriated by his actions and praised the driver of the red Suzuki Swift for setting a good example to other motorists.

“This person (on the green bike) is so rude. Hope he gets what’s coming to him,” said Fazrul Shamsuddin.

“Hats off to the brother in the red car. His first action was to check on the motorcyclist, did not even check his car. A Good Samaritan,” wrote Sheila Gunaseelan.


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