Motocross star tackles freestyle ski slope

The Payerne native, who first tricked on the cutting edge electric vehicle back in 2019, said, "I think we definitely shoot something special and something magical, you know, with this view."

The SnoMX project would not have been possible on a regular FMX bike because of environmental regulations in the resort.

After a whiteout test day where the mercury tanked at -15°C - which Rebeaud described as like riding blind, the sun came out on Laax and his custom-built rail, picnic table and mega ramp for the shooting day.

There is a fine line between sticking a trick or bailing with 38-year-old Rebeaud's studded tires navigating the 23 meter run-in and steep landing as he "board slid" his homemade rail and pulled off a picnic table endo.