Mother warthog protects her vulnerable baby from hungry hyena

Witness the moment a formidable mother warthog protects her vulnerable baby from a hungry hyena lurking close.

This rare sighting was captured during a Kruger Park safari in South Africa on June 9.

Edrich, the filmer told Newsflare: "I was alone on a self-drive safari when I came across a lone hyena standing in the road. The hyena looked very focused on something in the bush next to the road and quickly ran into the bush towards something.

"I managed to back up my vehicle to get a better view and was surprised to find a family of warthogs on the other side of the bush.

"Suddenly the warthogs turned around and ran with the hungry hyena chasing after them. Warthogs have formidable defense weapons in the form of sharp tusks. It looked like the hyena understood the very danger of these warthog tusks.

"While running away, the warthogs were vulnerable and the hyena would give chase but as soon as the warthogs turned around, the tables turned. It was amazing to watch the mother warthog standing her ground while guarding her youngster.

The desperate hyena charged one last time towards the mother and the baby before the fearless mother warthog turned around and chased the hyena back to where he came from. The hyena finally got the message, lost interest, and walked off into the bush.

"The warthogs continued down the road when I noticed a medium-sized open wound on the hind leg of the baby warthog. The injury to the baby warthog was most likely what attracted the hyena’s attention, thinking it would grab a quick snack."