Mother Restrains Rabid Fox That Bit Her 4-Year-Old Child, Police Say

The fox was euthanized by New Hampshire police officers when they arrived on the scene, police said

<p>Getty</p> The American red fox


The American red fox

A New Hampshire mom physically restrained a rabid fox after the animal bit her 4-year-old child this week, according to police.

The Hollis Police Department said in a press release on Facebook that the unidentified woman and her daughter received "prompt medical treatment" and are expected to recover after the HPD and Hollis EMS received calls from witnesses about a rabid fox who had bitten a child on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 14.

They arrived on the scene to find the woman holding the fox down.

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Police officers took "control" of the fox when they arrived on the scene, according to police. The fox showed signs of "illness and aggression," was euthanized by police on location, and later tested positive for rabies after a sample was tested by NH conservation officers.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rabies is a viral disease that effects the central nervous system and is fatal to humans if medical treatment isn't received before symptoms start.

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"Some people are critical of the actions of the Hollis Officers who euthanized this animal. As Chief of Police, I stand behind the officer's actions," said Chief Brendan LaFlamme in the press release.

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"They acted quickly and professionally to make the scene safe so that the injured four-year-old could get the treatment that she needed," LaFlamme added. "Their actions prevented any further injury to people and animals, slowed the spread of this disease, and ended the animal's suffering."

"Heroic is an understatement," LaFlamme said about the little girl's mother, according to Fox affiliate WFXT. "We would never encourage people to handle wildlife but I think given the circumstances, certainly protective mom mode kicked in [for her]."

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