Mother in Line for COVID Vaccine Touts Son’s Piano Skills to LA Mayor

An 83-year-old woman waiting in line for her COVID-19 vaccine at Dodger Stadium on January 27 could not help but gush over her son’s piano talents to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been assisting in the vaccination effort, according to local media.

Adam Chester, a pianist and composer who has worked with Sir Elton John, told Storyful he took his mother to get her first vaccine at the stadium when she met the mayor.

“My mother, Joan, will talk about me to anyone, anywhere, and anytime, no matter what,” he said.

The video shows Mayor Garcetti intently listening as Joan brags about her son. She can be heard saying, “He happens to be a fantastic piano player.”

Adam can be heard behind the camera saying, “Please help me.”

Mayor Garcetti explains he’s trained as a pianist as well, before he is cut off by Joan, who tells him her son works with Elton John. A car behind them can be heard honking as the two continue to talk.

Joan then begins networking on behalf of her son, telling the mayor, “If you need someone to play for you, at your parties, he’ll do it for you.”

Chester told Storyful before this moment, his mother told him she was not a huge fan of Mayor Garcetti.

“However, when the mayor got to the car window, she started the conversation by saying to him, ‘I love you, I love you,’ over and over, along with ’you’re so much better looking in person!’” he said.
“She’s now planning to vote for him.”

Chester said he invited the mayor for coffee at the end of the conversation, but thinks his mother may have overwhelmed him as he did not respond to the offer. Credit: Adam Chester via Storyful