Mother hedgehog and her 25-day-old babies are the cutest

These 25-day-old hedgehog babies following their mother round is the cutest thing you'll see all day.

Filmed on Mother's Day (May 10), four baby hedgehogs follow their mother round at their owners - Scott and Noelle Markquart - house in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

They said online: "25-day-old babies out for their daily social time with us.

"Obviously and naturally, they follow momma around everywhere.

"The lightest one, she has a tendency to explore the edges and needs to be watched the closest.

"We limit our time to only once or twice a day and only for ten minutes.

"This mother has been awesome, but as a disclaimer, we watch her closely while doing our best to not stress her.

"We have an HD night vision camera pointed at her nest, and that is usually how we keep tabs on everyone."