Mother Deer and Fawn Rescued From Sewage Pit in Yukon

A doe and her fawn were shepherded from the bottom of a slippery rubber-lined sewage pit by a local operations manager in Yukon, Canada, on October 4.

Patrick Brown received a call on Monday morning saying that the mule deer were stuck at the bottom of a sewage lagoon under construction.

Brown and some colleagues set up a large makeshift ladder leading from the bottom of the pit to the top, to give the deer some traction.

In this video, Brown walks toward the animals, encouraging them to head toward the ladder. The deer both manage to get the hang of things and walk up the contraption to successfully exit the pit.

Brown informed Storyful that a fence is being built around the area to ensure that this does not happen to any other wildlife during the construction process. Credit: Patrick Brown via Storyful

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