Aussie mother converts son's train set into a sushi conveyor belt restaurant

A creative mother used her son's train set to make a stay-at-home sushi conveyor belt restaurant.

Tracy Chen from Brisbane, Australia, had the idea after she had prepared sushi, dumplings, and rolls for dinner on May 12.

Her four-year-old son Will had a train set laid out on the table which he had spent all afternoon making and playing with.

So rather than clear it away, Tracy replicated the famous sushi conveyor belt restaurants of Tokyo but this time, with her son's favourite toys.

In the video, Will was seen enjoying his dinner as it whizzed round the table in mini-saucers placed on the back of the small locomotives.

The creative mother said that she always thinks of ideas to make her son eat healthy food and the sushi in the train toy really helped her this time.

She said: "The magic of Thomas the Tank Engine is so powerful that it helped my son to eat avocado sushi for the first time in his life."