Mother bear abandons newborn cubs after giving birth to them in Indian house

Chaos among villagers after a mother bear gave birth to two newborns inside a house in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The incident took place at Rohla village of Dalhousie on Wednesday (March 18).

According to reports, a woman spotted the cubs and alerted villagers, who gathered at the area and scared the mother who fled into the forest.

Following this, forest department officials rushed to the cubs, who were left inside the house for fear the mother bear would return aggressively.

Video footage shows officials checking on the newborn cub to ensure their they safety and health.

According to reports, the forest department officials have set up several teams to monitor the safety of the animals and village locals.

"The cubs are two or three days old and both of the cubs are male. As of now, they are healthy, but we are keeping them under our surveillance until the mother comes to take them away," a veterinary doctor said. 

"The cubs are in dire need of a mother's care. We hope she comes back and takes them away. We have set up several teams comprising of the forest department, police officials and medical personnel to look out for the cubs," one of the forest department officials added.