Mosul war victims find solace in volleyball

Mosul war victims find solace in volleyball

Location: Mosul, Iraq

Hisham Abdulkhaliq and 13 others in the team

were left with disabilities

during the war against Islamic State

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) DISABLED VOLLEYBALL TEAM MEMBER AND TAXI DRIVER, HISHAM ABDULKHALIQ, SAYING:"After my injury, the world couldn't stop. One had to move and not let despair take hold of me, because even though I lost a part of my body, my life couldn't stop. So I joined the team in order to keep moving my body and hopefully leave a mark with the team."

The team is hoping to represent Iraq internationally

and help others who were affected by the war

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) HEAD OF ARAB ANDALUSIAN YOUTH FORUM, MOATAZ ABDULRAZZAQ, SAYING:"We have the intention of opening special institutions for the disabled because Mosul has become a city that has a lot of disabled people as a result of the military operations and the Islamic State's terrorist gangs."