The Most Dramatic (And Heartbreaking) Moments In Season 7 Of Netflix’s Selling Sunset

Season seven of Selling Sunset certainly did not hold back.

From an office trip to Cabo – which marked a crossover with its sister show, Selling The O.C. – to a string of explosive fallouts, the hit Netflix series packed a lot of drama into its most recent 11-episode outing. 

Of course, some of the bombshells weren’t that surprising, as they had already been teased on Instagram ahead of time. For example, Heather Rae El Moussa gave birth to her son Tristan, then sadly spent most of the season off-screen on maternity leave. Meanwhile, in the finale, Chrishell Statuse announced that she had married her partner,  G-Flip. 

This season also dove into Chrishell and Amanza Smith’s surprise falling out and explored how Chrishell and Jason Oppenheim had navigated being friends with each other after their break-up in season five. 

With so much going on, tou’d be forgiven for missing some of the drama, so here’s a round-up of the biggest (and, indeed, most emotional) moments...

Nicole and Chrishell have it out at Chelsea’s 30th Birthday

Chelsea celebrates her 30th birthday
Chelsea celebrates her 30th birthday

Chelsea celebrates her 30th birthday

Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause are no strangers to conflict, but at Chelsea Lazkani’s 30th birthday party, their beef reached an all-time peak.

Emma confronted Nicole after she learned that Nicole had said she was only friends with Chrishell because she’s a “social climber”.

As more people got involved, things swiftly escalated, and harsh insults were thrown, including Chrishell’s comment that Nicole has “rearranged her face”. Ouch. 

Mary’s pregnancy loss

In episode one, Mary realised her period was a few days late and took a pregnancy test. To her and husband Romaine’s delight, she found out she was pregnant, having been trying for a baby for a few months.

Sadly, it later emerged that Mary had suffered a miscarriage. As the devastated couple came to terms with their new grief, Mary admitted she was “struggling to move forward from it”. In tears, Amanza broke the news to the rest of the office, as they all rallied around Mary, in one of the biggest heartaches documented on the show to date.

For once, all the women set aside their qualms as they shared both their heartache for Mary and Romaine and their hopes the couple get their “rainbow baby” in the future.

That Selling The O.C. cross-over dinner

(L to R) Alexandra Jarvis, Gio Helou, Nicole Young, Bre Tiesi, Amanza Smith, Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald, Marie-Lou Nurk in season 7 of Selling Sunset
(L to R) Alexandra Jarvis, Gio Helou, Nicole Young, Bre Tiesi, Amanza Smith, Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald, Marie-Lou Nurk in season 7 of Selling Sunset

(L to R) Alexandra Jarvis, Gio Helou, Nicole Young, Bre Tiesi, Amanza Smith, Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald, Marie-Lou Nurk in season 7 of Selling Sunset

As teased in the trailer, Selling The O.C. had a crossover with Selling Sunset on two different occasions this season.

The first instance was over a 10-year anniversary dinner at none other than James Goldstein’s house, which has previously been seen in films like Charlie’s Angels to The Big Lebowski. 

There was initially some tension between the two offices, with Gio and Amanza in particular throwing some shade, culminating in a whole lot of side-eye between the O.C. team as the Sunset agents steamed over the dinner table about the “bullshit” and “bullying” that had been going around in their office.

Marie-Lou and Chrishell’s explosive lunch

Chrishell and Marie-Lou have an explosive lunch
Chrishell and Marie-Lou have an explosive lunch

Chrishell and Marie-Lou have an explosive lunch

To settle some of the tension between them, Chrishell extended an olive branch and had lunch with Jason’s new girlfriend, Marie-Lou. However, things quickly turned sour. 

Marie-Lou was adamant that Chrishell was “not friendly to [her]” and didn’t approach her, ask her questions or even greet her when they saw each other at events. In some entertaining editing, this was followed immedaitely by a montage of Chrishell hugging Marie-Lou with wide open arms – exactly as Chrishell said she behaved when she saw her ex’s new partner. 

Chrishell was clear that she and Marie-Lou don’t need to be friends, but she had always been friendly and welcoming for Jason’s sake. The lunch went from bad to worse as Marie-Lou used the wrong pronouns to refer to G-Flip, which Chrishell corrected and pointed out was proof that she didn’t know her personally or have any involvement in her private life. 

In a wild turn of events, Marie-Lou called Jason so he could listen to the two of them bickering, which was awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Things then ended with Marie-Lou saying there were perhaps “feelings left or something” to explain Chrishell’s behaviour, before she left and said: “Yes I’m friends with Jason but I don’t need to be.”

Chrishell has surgery

When visiting James Goldstein’s famous pad in LA, Chrishell started to experience some pains, after which it was revealed that she’d been seeking treatment for a giant cyst (about the size of an orange) on her ovary.

Chrishell had the cyst removed in a risky procedure that could have meant losing one of her ovaries and reducing her chance of getting pregnant in the future. It was a turbulent and difficult time for the estate agent and reality star, but thankfully the surgery was a success and the cyst was removed. 

As she recovered, her close friends Emma and Chelsea rallied around to support her, as Chrishell said she was going to focus on her health for the time being.

Chrishell apologises to Nicole, but Nicole doesn’t reciprocate… 

In one of the many major apologies of the season, Chrishell said sorry to Nicole about her underhand comment at Chelsea’s birthday party, claiming she didn’t like how she behaved and took ownership for what she said. 

Nicole accepted her apology… but notably didn’t offer one in return. 

Jason witnessed it all and told Chrishell that he was disappointed that Nicole didn’t take the opportunity to resolve their ongoing drama.

Mary also echoed this later when talking to Nicole, as it seemed like Nicole missed her chance to put their long-running feud behind them. Instead, it seemed to have sealed their fate, and indicate that their friendship – and even professional relationship – is beyond repair. 

Jason and Chrishell decide not to be friends 

At the start of the season, Jason and Chrishell had rebuilt a good rapport, keeping their professional relationship easy and respectful, and even discussing their new relationships with one another. To begin with, they seemed like the perfect example of how to be friends with (or co-exist with) your ex.

Yet, that all changed after Chrishell’s relationship with Marie-Lou unravelled, at which point she told Jason straight: “I’m not going to co-parent your new girlfriend with you.” 

Chrishell offered to take a step back from their friendship to make it less awkward for Marie-Lou, but Jason said that he would then be “resentful” towards his new girlfriend if it meant he couldn’t have Chrishell in his life.

“She knows how much I care about you,” he told Chrishell, who replied: “Maybe that’s the problem.” 

As the series progressed, Chrishell took a step back in the hopes of separating her personal life from her professional one. This included not staying with her co-workers at the house in Cabo or attending the group dinner on the final night. Jason was visibly hurt and upset by this, as Mary and Amanza privately reflected on the fact that Chrishell might have been Jason’s big love. 

Though their flirty banter from the first few episodes is now gone, the two ended things by embracing at the new office opening party, and happily exchanging words.

The office trip to Cabo 

The agents take a trip to Cabo to look around the new branch of The Oppenheim Group
The agents take a trip to Cabo to look around the new branch of The Oppenheim Group

The agents take a trip to Cabo to look around the new branch of The Oppenheim Group

Alongside the O.C. office and the seven-figure renovation of the new LA office, Jason and Brett opened up a new office in Cabo. Naturally, to celebrate, they invited all the LA agents out to stay in an incredibly swanky villa by the sea. 

However, things got off to a rocky start right from the off-set as Emma, Chrishell, Chelsea, and Amanza flew out on Emma’s private jet to Cabo, while Nicole was left to make her own way down with Brett and Jason. 

Mid-flight, Chrishell also dropped the bombshell that she and Emma would be staying elsewhere, as they didn’t want to be in the same house as the rest of the office again – after the nightmare trip away to Palm Springs. 

Bre also arrived late (due to baby commitments) and left early after the surprise arrival of her ex, while Chrishell struck hard boundaries (with Emma in tow as moral support) and was choosy about which events she attended. 

Amanza and Chrishell’s major fall out 

Ahead of season seven’s release, many fans noticed that Amanza had unfollowed one of her closest friends, Chrishell, on Instagram. It turns out that their unlikely feud boiled down to the final night in Cabo, when Chrishell and Emma didn’t show up to the pre-arranged dinner with the rest of their colleagues.

This came after Jason didn’t tell Chrishell (or the rest of the team) that Marie-Lou would be joining them on the trip, and made a surprise appearance at the beach, which made her uncomfortable. 

In an effort to avoid another uncomfortable encounter, neither Chrishell nor Emma attended the dinner, but they didn’t message their friends to let them know they weren’t going to make it. Chelsea delivered the news, and Amanza was both upset and infuriated, especially as Mary and Romaine had made the effort to travel down from LA to attend to try and take their mind off things. 

Chelsea told Amanza to keep that same energy and fire for next time she spoke to Chrishell, rather than aim it at her. Instead, Amanza decided to video herself at the table, film the empty seats and send a passionately-worded message to Chrishell, calling her out on her absence and saying that unless she’d lost a limb, she should have been there. 

The next day, Chrishell fired Amanza from an interior design project to overhaul G-Flip’s new studio. 

Bre asks for a better commission, or threatens to leave…

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi

More big-money figures were thrown around this season, giving viewers an insight into how California real estate actually works. Bre called a meeting with Jason to discuss negotiating the commission split that was in place at that time.

Jason dropped in that at other brokerages – or the standard, it seems in LA – is that the agent takes 20% of the commission and the brokerage takes the remaining 80%. However, at the Oppenheim Group agents have a lower take-home pay, making only 10% of each commission. 

Bre resented losing out on “a lot of money” that would make a better life for her and her son, when she could be making more for the same work elsewhere.

Even with her great contacts lists, and selling a £5m property this season, Jason told her that every agent is on the same commission split and that will never change, and it’s unclear if Bre will now stay with the O Group or move to another agency. 

Marie-Lou drops proposal hints 

In a rather awkward moment, Marie-Lou dropped hints to her boyfriend Jason that she expected a proposal on their romantic getaway to Paris. 

As they were getting dressed for the swanky new office party, Marie-Lou said she “expected” something on the trip to Paris, but when Jason’s eyes widened and his face showed sheer panic, she passed it off as a joke...

Chrishell gets married 

As die-hard fans of Selling Sunset will already know (and as seen in the final episode) Chrishell married her partner, G-Flip. 

The happy couple eloped in Las Vegas, where they were married by an impersonator of Chrishell’s favourite singer, Elvis, in front of their closest friends and family. 

However, the series didnt disclose any more footage or photos from their special day, and Chrishell didn’t share the news with her friends at the party in the new office. Let’s hope they’ve saved that big bombshell for a possible season eight…

Bre confronts the newest agent

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party with the Oppenheim Group if someone didn’t leave early. When newcomer Cassandra Repstad arrived, Chelsea suggests that the duo go over and say hello to Bre.

A heated exchange begins as Cassandra tells Bre she should be nicer to people, stay open-hearted and give new people a chance. Bre explains that she isn’t naturally overfamiliar with people, but opens up with her close friends, and doesn’t wish to change for anyone else. 

The mother-of-one eventually leaves the heated conversation and storms out of the party, tired of the drama that has surrounded her all season.

The question is... will she be back if Selling Sunset gets an eighth series? 

Selling Sunset season seven is streaming on Netflix now.