The Most Anticipated K-Dramas Of December 2023

What says “happy holidays” better than watching a world-class photographer return to her homeland to take a break from her chaotic life? Or, rooting for an orchestra conductor fighting against all odds for her team? The jolliest time of the year is here, and it looks like 2023 saved some of its most exciting Korean dramas for December. Curious to know which upcoming K-dramas will make your December 2023 bingeing session merry? We have you covered.

While the entire year was full of surprises for K-drama lovers with shows like Vigilante and The Glory Part 2, December 2023 will see the return of the webtoon-based horror mystery Sweet Home. The show, which was viewed by 22 million Netflix subscribers worldwide in the first four weeks of its release, according to Variety, is ready for its second season. Sweet Home 2 will focus on the lives of the residents of Green Home after the events of season one and is slated to release on 1 December 2023.

Meanwhile, rom-com queen Shin Hye-sun is back to charm everyone in Netflix’s Welcome to Samdal-ri. The romantic Korean drama will also feature Hi Bye, Mama! fame Shin Dong-mi in a supporting role.

These December 2023 K-dramas will have you glued to your couch

Sweet Home 2

Directed by: Lee Eung-bok

Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young

Release date: 1 December

Episodes: TBA

Synopsis: After fighting off mysterious creatures in season one, Cha Hyun-soo (Song), Sang Wook (Lee) and other survivors of the Green Home apartment complex find their survival endangered once again. Will the group be able to take on a world that is on the brink of a monster apocalypse?

About the show: This upcoming December 2023 horror K-drama is an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan.

Welcome to Samdal-ri

Directed by: Cha Young-hoon

Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Shin Hye-sun, Shin Dong-mi

Release date: 2 December

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: When everything she’s worked hard to build crashes down to nothing due to a scandal, top photographer Jo Sam-dal (Shin) decides to leave Seoul. She returns to her hometown, Samdalri, and meets her childhood friend Jo Yong-pil (Ji), now a weather forecaster helping a group of Haenyeo (female divers). Soon, Sam-dal starts accompanying Yong-pil to work and realises that his presence is healing her past scars.

About the show: This upcoming romantic K-drama is one of the most popular Ji Chang-wook shows to release on Netflix in December 2023.


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Night Has Come

Directed by: Im Dae-woong

Cast: Lee Jae-in, Kim Woo-seok, Choi Ye-bin

Release date: 4 December

Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Yooil High School’s second-year students find themselves trapped in a deadly mafia game during their field trip. As the students are forced to participate in the game, class president Kim Jun-hee (Kim) begins forming an intricate but risky plan for their survival.

About the show: This psychological Korean drama is also best known as Night Has Fallen.

Maestra: Strings of Truth

Directed by: Kim Jeong-kwon

Cast: Lee Young-ae, Lee Mu-saeng, Kim Young-jae

Release date: 9 December

Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Cha Se-eum, who started her professional life as a violinist, is now a famous female orchestra conductor. When the orchestra team gets entangled in mysterious cases, Sa-eum is forced to uncover the truth. But in doing so, a secret threatens to end her flourishing career.

About the show: One of the most popular K-dramas to release in December 2023, Maestra: Strings of Truth is based on the 2019 French TV series titled Philharmonia. 

Death’s Game

Directed by: Ha Byung-hoon

Cast: Seo In-guk, Park So-dam, Go Youn-jung

Release date: 15 December

Episodes: 8

Synopsis: It has been seven years, and Choi Yi-jae (Seo) is still struggling to find a decent job. Overcome by the thought that he would be at peace after death, he decides to take his own life. But when he encounters Death (Park) in front of the gates of Hell, Yi-jae is punished for experiencing death 13 more times through different bodies. To avoid the punishment, Yi-jae must now find his will to survive.

About the show: This widely-anticipated K-drama releasing in December 2023 is adapted from the webtoon Ije God Jukseubnida by writer Lee Won Sik and illustrator Gul-chan.

Like Flowers in Sand

Directed by: Kim Jin-woo

Cast: Jang Dong-yoon, Lee Ju-myoung, Yoon Jong-seok

Release date: 20 December

Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Geosan County Office team’s popular Ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) wrestler, Kim Baek-doo (Jang), is having difficulty continuing the sport. However, he finds a new zeal to fight when his childhood friend, Oh Yoo-kyung, begins work as a leader of the management team for his Ssireum team, which is on the verge of disbanding.

Gyeongseong Creature

Directed by: Jung Dong-yoon

Cast: Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee, Wi Ha-joon, Kim Hae-sook

Release date: 22 December

Episodes: TBA

Synopsis: In 1945 Gyeongseong (Seoul under Japanese rule), Jang Tae-sang (Park), the wealthy and arrogant owner of Golden Jade House, has a change of heart when he meets bounty hunter Yun Chae-ok (Han). The duo embark on a journey to investigate a series of missing person cases in the mysterious Ongsung Hospital, all the while growing closer to each other.

About the show: K-drama heartthrob Park Seo-joon, who stars in the upcoming movie The Marvels, returns to the small screen after three years with this December 2023 horror Korean drama.


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