A mosaic made from 6,111 Rubik's Cubes

This mosaic is made from 6,111 Rubik's Cubes

Location: Pesaro, Italy

It was made by artist Giovanni Contardi

in just under 16 hours

He solved each Cube in about seven seconds

Courtesy: Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup

It shows the Greek god Atlas holding a giant Rubik's Cube

(SOUNDBITE) (English) RUBIK'S CUBE ARTIST, GIOVANNI CONTARDI, BEFORE STARTING MOSAIC, SAYING:"This mosaic is quite special for different reasons. First, it's not a portrait which is something that I usually do with Rubik's Cube and second, it's a 6,111 Rubik's cube mosaic which is the biggest one ever done in less than 24 hours."

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