‘Morning Joe’ Shreds ‘Shallow’ Right-Wing Criticisms of Biden’s Visit to Maui: ‘It Was All Garbage’ (Video)

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough was none too pleased on Wednesday morning after right-wing outlets criticized President Biden’s trip to Maui in the wake of the devastating wildfires, honing in on one specific piece of footage to make it look like he was sleeping during an event. According to the MSNBC host, “It was all garbage.”

“If you were following right-wing media yesterday — and even if you weren’t, a lot of it was reaching out and pulling you into your smartphones — you would think that everybody in Maui was angry with Joe Biden,” Scarborough said. “That Joe Biden was having a siesta during — I know this is gonna shock you. It was all garbage!”

Scarborough then pulled up headlines from local news coverage in the state, most of which praised the president and his wife, and noted that the stories themselves were “glowing.”

The MSNBC host also pulled up the full version of the clip that conservative outlets were cutting, debunking the idea that Biden fell asleep moment by moment.

“The only thing that we can thank God for is that Joe Biden was not wearing a tan suit,” Scarborough mocked, referring to a particularly odd Obama-era “scandal.”

“Because that would’ve been a total meltdown on the far right,” he added. “But I will tell you, the people of Maui — and again, read the local coverage. Don’t listen to the lies on Trumpy outlets, read the local coverage: all incredibly positive.”

Scarborough later shredded the constant “whataboutisms” that come from Republicans, and called them out for being more upset over a strategically cut video clip, than Trump’s 91 criminal charges.

“It is all so shallow. It is all so stupid,” he sniped. “And it is all they have.”

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