‘Morning Joe’ Says Midterms Coronated Ron DeSantis, Rebuked Trump: ‘Hey Donald Trump, Meet Boris Johnson’

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough celebrated former President Donald Trump’s political failures following the Republican’s Party less than great midterm performance.

While congressional control is still uncertain, it’s clear that the “red wave” expected by Republican Party hasn’t come and the party’s crown seems to shift from Donald Trump’s head to that of Florida governor Ron DeSantis. “There’s always a wave,” in an off-year election, Scarborough said in surprise at the seemingly good chance that Democrats have to win Congress.

“Hey, Donald Trump, meet Boris Johnson,” Scarborough said, referring to the UK prime minister who was ousted this summer after multiple scandals and ministerial resignations. “There was a coronation last night, probably as grand as King Charles III’s coronation will be in the spring, and it was Ron DeSantis in Florida! Massive victory down there. Right?”

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He added: “Now, I’m not going to say this is the end of Donald Trump, but there are a lot of Republicans this morning waking up going, ‘Wait a second Ron DeSantis is winning Miami-Dade outright and winning 20 percentage points in the state historically while Donald Trump is tweeting cheering against Republicans.'”

DeSantis won reelection by a 20-point margin, which is 15 points above Trump’s win in the 2020 presidential race in Florida.

Scarborough went on to delight in Trump’s political misfortune, saying that “unfortunately, Donald Trump lost the rest of America” and once again hinted that Trump’s grip on the Republican Party is indeed loosening.

“Everything Trump touches politically dies,” he said.

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The panelists continued to discuss other key takeaways from Tuesday night’s elections, including the fact that Democrats were able to win governors’ races in states like Wisconsin and Michigan despite a crashing stock market, the worst inflation since 1982 and an economy that’s reeling towards recession.

The panelists said that these circumstances could have gone in favor of election deniers, or people who didn’t want public opinion to determine who they would elect, but instead, democracy was able to prevail.

“Election deniers got pounded last night,” Scarborough said, concluding that there were “three losers” at the midterms Tuesday night: “Donald, Dobbs and election deniers.”

Watch the full segment here or in the embed above.

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