‘Morning Joe’ Says GOP Is Made Up of the ‘Least Masculine Men’ Who Let Trump Undermine, Humiliate Them | Video

Joe Scarborough is tired of the Republican party getting to define “masculinity” when they go out of their way to be subservient to Donald Trump.

In a Monday “Morning Joe” conversation with Mika Brzezinski and Donny Deutsch, the MSNBC host questioned why GOP leaders allow the former president to humiliate them on a constant basis. Scarborough also pointed out that the people who are worried about a so-called “war on masculinity” are the very ones letting Trump make them look weak.

“The guys that talk about the war on masculinity, they play tough guys. As I’ve always said about the war on masculinity, if you’re a real man, you don’t really notice that people are trying to declare a war on masculinity. You just go out, you do what you’re supposed to do and you tune out the noise,” he said, exhausted. “And yet these guys who play tough guys and want the world to be more manly, they’re the least masculine men.”

Scarborough continued, “They are the guys that went went to Ivy League colleges and won’t defend their fathers’ honor, they won’t defend their wives’ honor. They will let Donald Trump say the worst, most humiliating things about them constantly. He undermines them and he humiliates them, and they just come back for more. And they’re the ones writing books about manhood? Give me a frickin’ break.”

Scarborough’s comments come in reference to an Axios report that listed Republican leaders who’ve publicly scrutinized the results of the 2020 presidential election. Politicians like J.D. Vance, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Elise Stefanik have further stated they will only accept the upcoming 2024 election results if they’re constitutional, fair and free.

However, the MSNBC pundit doubts their definitions of those words.

“You’ve got one party that says they’ll accept the results of the election if they like the results of the election. They say things that are all very subjective; if they think it’s fair,” Scarborough noted. “We can go back to 2020 to see we had members of the Trump administration who were responsible, protecting voting saying it was the safest, the cleanest election in American history. With that background, you’ve had republicans who’ve refused to accept the results.”

He reiterated, “It’s all subjective: If they like the results, they’ll accept the results; if they don’t like the results, they won’t accept the results.”

Ultimately, Scarborough warned that the 2024 election could potentially be the end of American democracy as we know it.

“The peaceful transition of power has been the guarantor of American democracy, of western democracy for centuries, where the loser accepts the results. In our lifetime, we saw Al Gore do it in the most extraordinary way, the most dramatic way. It’s putting country over party,” he said. “This year, you’re not just voting for a republican, it’s a vote for a candidate who doesn’t believe in the most basic principles of American democracy.”

Watch the entire “Morning Joe” segment, above.

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