‘Morning Joe’ Predicts ‘More Bloodshed’ in War Against Ukraine: ‘Putin Is Losing, I Think He Knows It’ (Video)

As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its 313th day, Ukrainians were seen cheering the New Year, despite drones blasting from the skies. Though the assault has entered 2023, the “Morning Joe” panelists said Monday they remain hopeful about the war’s developments.

“[Ukranian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people are winning,” proclaimed Washington Post columnist David Ignatius on the Monday morning edition of “Morning Joe.” “I think Putin is losing, I think he knows it.”

However, the columnist believes that there will be “a lot more bloodshead ahead” in the war before there is any true winner or loser.

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After recapping the other events of this past year, host Joe Scarborough made a call to action, urging the nation’s political leaders to work together to progress from the events of the last six years, going into 2023.

“Let’s hope we can move forward in the coming year and maybe our leaders will do what Americans want them to do … and cooperate,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough continued, stating that election deniers losing their ground this last year should give Americans reason to celebrate.

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“[Every American] that loves this country, that loves the US Constitution, that loves American democracy, [should celebrate] that all the election deniers — all the people that wanted to say, ‘We won’t recognize election outcomes unless our side wins’ — they all lost.”

He continued: “You have to fight for democracy and freedom every day in whatever way you can, but 2022 gave us a couple more years where at least the basics of Madisonian democracy remain intact.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss also proclaimed that Americans should “celebrate today.”

“We have had ample reason over the last seven years to say these [events] are dangerous for democracy, but this morning, I think that we can say that the election of 2022 proved… no one should ever bet against American democracy.”

Looking ahead, Beschloss said that this is a time to “celebrate” the past year’s wins, including the loss of several election deniers during the most recent race, and “meditate on the strength of democracy” in both the United States and Ukraine, “where people are willing to give up their lives rather than succumb to an authoritarian dictatorship.”

Similarly, Mika Brzezinski made clear that she’s optimistic looking ahead to 2023.

“In the final moments of the last year, democracy prevailed, it survived,” she said. “There’s a lot to be hopeful for.”

You can watch the full “Morning Joe” segment here or in the embed above.

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