‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Call Out Republican ‘Freak Show': ‘You’re Calling Us the Others?’ (Video)

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The hosts of “Morning Joe” went on a tear on Thursday morning, passionately calling out the Republican party for the “freak show” it has become in recent years.

During the show, the hosts, along with Jonathan Capehart, defended Mallory McMorrow, a Michigan state senator, and praised a recent speech she gave in which she defended herself against claims of being a “groomer” leveled by her Republican colleague Lana Theis.

In doing so, Joe Scarborough went off, arguing that Democrats in general need to do more to defend themselves from being made “others” in situations like this.

“If I were running as a Democrat against Republicans, I’d say, ‘wait a second, we’re the others? You guys bring loaded guns to airports repeatedly. You’re QAnon freaks,” he said. “You actually followed a guy who said put bleach into your body and shove lights underneath your skin instead of just following medicine. You believe cranks on YouTube instead of your family doctors of 40 years. You believe Italian dudes with lasers rigged the election and you’re talking about Jewish space lasers! You’re calling us the others? You Republicans are freaks!”

Later in the segment, host Mika Brzezinski echoed Scarborough’s sentiments, repeatedly calling Republicans freaks as well, and lamenting how they’ve “given birth to more freaks” in positions of power.

“Let’s look at your truth. And go right back at them with the freak show that has been the Republican party for the past four years,” Brzezinski said. “A complete freak show, and it has literally given birth to more freaks in Congress. Literal freaks who spew lies, who are cruel, who are bigoted and who make their days worth it to themselves by going after conspiracy theories and being cruel. That’s the Republican party today.”

You can watch the “Morning Joe” segment in the video here and above.

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