‘Morning Joe’ Blasts ‘Twisted’ Christian Idolization of Trump When He Doesn’t ‘Understand the Most Fundamental Part’ of the Faith | Video

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough called out the hypocrisy of evangelical Christians who still support Donald Trump even though he hasn’t asked for any forgiveness for his wrongdoings.

On Wednesday’s show, Scarborough and cohost Brzezinski dissected a new advertisement from religious political advocacy group Faith Forward that quotes scripture while arguing Joe Biden is the ideal presidential candidate.

“Evangelicals will say, ‘Well, everybody sins.’ Growing up in the Baptist Church, what we learn — and it’s great again, this time after Easter, to be reminded of it — that if you’re a Christian, you believe that Christ died for your sins, and you need to ask for forgiveness,” Scarborough said, speaking from his own childhood experience.

“Donald Trump undercuts that in a way that no evangelical I ever grew up with would would have been OK with it. But when Donald Trump says, ‘I’ve never done anything wrong, no reason to be forgiven,’ they still fall right in line and say, ‘Oh, he’s the second coming of Christ,'” the host continued. “They idolize him and it’s twisted.”

Scarborough stressed the question of how Christian Americans could embrace a man who claims he doesn’t need forgiveness from God.

“It’s unbelievable … Forget all the excuses that these evangelical ministers are using. This is a man who said out loud that he did not need forgiveness,” former Sen. Claire McCaskill added. “Now I don’t know of any priest or pastor or minister in the Christian faith that would let that go and not grab onto it and say, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.’ You need to understand the most fundamental part of Christianity.

“Overlook the adultery, overlook the sexual assault, overlook all of that if you want,” she said. “But how can you not ask for forgiveness for any of it?”

Echoing the advertisement, which she called “powerful,” McCaskill also emphasized the difference in Trump’s relationship with his faith versus Biden’s.

“Biden is quick to point out his faith. Biden goes to mass. Biden knows the scriptures. He’s not a perfect Catholic by any means. None of us are perfect Christians. But he understands his faith and his faith is fundamental to who he is,” she continued. “This is something that the Biden campaign should lean into, especially on topics like immigration. What would Jesus think of a guy who said that these people who are desperate at our borders [are] vermin and they are not people? Jesus would be appalled at that. Jesus would speak out on that. On all these topics. He is so un-Christian-like, it is just astounding to me that we aren’t seeing more ads like this. I hope we do. I think it’s really important.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.

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