More killed as protests against Taliban spread

Protests against the Taliban have now spread to more Afghan cities, and several more people have been killed at the rallies according to witnesses, by either the militants firing their weapons or the panic and stampedes caused by it.

This video was filmed by Reuters near one of the protests in the capital, Kabul. A witness in the area said that it appeared to be Taliban firing into the air.

Although on Wednesday (August 18) media reported that Taliban fighters fired directly into a crowd of other protesters in the city of Jalalabad, killing three people.

And on Thursday (August 19) a witness at a protest in Asadabad said more people were killed there, although it wasn't clear if they were killed by gunfire, the stampede, or both.

A Taliban spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

August 19th is the day that Afghanistan typically celebrates its Independence Day - when it gained independence from British rule in 1919.

Some of the gatherings have been small in size, but it underlines the challenge facing the Taliban to govern the country and project a more moderate image.

Meanwhile, dramatic new images have been pouring in from Kabul's airport, as U.S. and allied forces struggle to keep the massive crowds inside and outside under control.

A little girl, here, being lifted over the perimeter fence by American troops filmed on Tuesday (August 17). On Wednesday, tear gas - as the soldiers try to keep the crowds back.

Thousands of people are here. As of Thursday about 8,000 Afghans and foreigners have been evacuated, according to a Western official. The U.S. alone says it's trying to get out 22,000 at-risk Afghans.

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