More condos force residents to test for Covid-19

More condos force residents to test for Covid-19
More condos force residents to test for Covid-19

The management of several condominiums has made it mandatory for their tenants to get a Covid-19 test.

Malaysiakini has earlier reported that foreign workers at the Cheria Heights Apartment are required to submit their Covid-19 test results to the apartment management.

Following this, a reader informed Malaysiakini that Merdeka View Apartment, which is located in Kuala Lumpur, requires all its tenants, not just foreign workers, to provide their Covid-19 test results.

When Malaysiakini visited the apartment yesterday, there was a notice at the guardhouse stipulating the new policy. The notice was dated Dec 26, 2020.

The notice states that both new and existing tenants are not allowed to enter the premises if they do not have a Covid-19 test report within seven days, as well as a valid passport and a valid work permit.

A spokesperson of the management office confirmed that every new tenant must submit their latest Covid-19 test results.

According to her, during the first wave of Covid-19 outbreak in May, the residential committee had decided all foreign workers tenants be tested for Covid-19.

She said there was a spike of cases in December, the committee subsequently required all tenants to be screened, including the locals. As a result, she said, all residents had undergone Covid-19 tests at their own expenses.

“Either foreigners or locals, we don’t care - the requirement (for a swab test) is the same. What we are trying to do is protect this place, we don’t want to have a cluster here.”

‘Not fair’

The reader who complained about the matter said the management office has no rights to impose such a policy.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the condominium unit owner added that he was unable to take tenants due to the new requirement.

“In my opinion, this is not fair. It caused a lot of losses for unit owners.”

The irate owner said he would complain to relevant government agencies and ask them to take actions against the management office.

Malaysiakini learnt that Choo Cheng Khay Apartment, a condominium which is located next to Merdeka View, required foreign workers to submit their Covid-19 test results before taking up tenancy.

The chairperson of Choo Cheng Khay’ management council who gave his name as Khiang, confirmed this requirement with Malaysiakini.

He said a large number of migrant workers have wanted to rent units from the condo since last December, and the management decided “to be very careful” and take precautionary measures.

“So, we told them they have to give us a current (Covid-19 test result) to make sure we are well protected.”

Kiang, however, stressed that the management office did not require existing tenants to do a swab test.

NGO calls it discrimination

Malaysiakini previously reported that foreign workers in Cheria Heights Apartment are required to submit their Covid-19 test results to the management, otherwise they would be barred from entering the premises.

Migrant rights' group Our Journey director Sumitha Shaanthinni Krishna described the ruling as discriminatory and argued that it does not have the power to bar residents from entering.

However, the management office denied discrimination against such workers and claimed that they are helping the government implement the compulsory Covid-19 test for foreign workers.

Previously, it was reported that the Sri Angsana Hilir condominium in Kuala Lumpur had put up a similar notice for its foreign residents.

The management later said it would amend the notice and would not prevent tenants from entering their homes.

Although previous coronavirus outbreaks involved several factories and construction sites involving mostly foreign workers, local Malaysians now comprise the bulk of new cases.