Morces Wants To Be The Platform For Mobile Sites

Willis Wee

There are increasingly more people relying on their mobile phones for search. And correspondingly, that makes mobile sites increasingly important.

Singapore-based startup, Morces, is a platform that helps businesses build a mobile site easily without any technical knowledge. We have written about such solutions before though. Roound is one, but I hear that it is in the deadpool. But Morces seems to want to make this into a true platform whereby folks can install additional applications to enhance their mobile sites. Derek Ang, the co-founder of Morces explained to us:

Our mobilization features are pretty competitive. We have a grab technology (Morces Genius Grab) that allow users to grab content from existing web with a few clicks and sync them. Other features include Tap to call, Tap to SMS, Tap to Skype, Email, location, direction, pages, YouTube, blog, landing page, splash page etc. Basically we are offering what companies are charging at a premium price for free.

Since it was officially launched in December 2011, Morces has helped over 400 businesses build their mobile sites. The startup was founded by Derek along with Byran Wong. Also on the team are Ethelbert Teh and Zafir. All four of them are still studying so that makes their achievements to date all the more impressive.

Morces is free for all to use but charges if businesses use its pro plans or any of its premium applications through their app store to enhance their mobile sites.