Moped Riders Nearly Struck by Train After Running Red Light in England

Two people on a moped narrowly escaped being struck by a train at a level crossing near Littlehampton, West Sussex, on Tuesday, February 21, after the moped driver failed to stop for a red light, according to Network Rail.

Footage captured on CCTV cameras shows the pair veering around a safety barrier and coming within feet of the passing train as they drove over the tracks.

Network Rail, which manages most of Britain’s railway network, said a Southern train was traveling from Brighton to Southampton and was moving at about 70 mph (113 km/h) when the incident occurred at 3:09 pm.

The train driver “made an emergency stop and took time to compose himself before carrying on with the journey,” the company said.

British Transport Police Inspector Emma Boulton said the video showed “the most stupidly reckless behavior on a level crossing” she had seen in her career, according to a press release from Network Rail. “These riders blatantly ignored the red light in front of them and were just split seconds away from a truly catastrophic collision, which I have no doubt would have had fatal consequences. This footage should serve as a very explicit reminder to everyone of the dangers of misusing level crossings,” Boulton said.

Southern’s health and safety director, Samantha Facey, said: “This video beggars belief. Today we could be talking about a double death with all the misery and heartache that would cause the bikers’ families and friends. And think of our driver: no one should have to be put through this trauma and none of our passengers should find themselves put at risk in this way.” Credit: Network Rail via Storyful

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