Moose on the Loose in Massachusetts Neighborhood Dwarfs Car

A moose taking a stroll in a central Massachusetts town on September 12 was captured towering over a car by another motorist.

This video, recorded by Jill Jarnis in Sterling, Massachusetts, shows the huge animal coming near a car and walking around it.

“Megan,” Jarnis can be heard saying to her 16-year-old daughter, “he’s coming over.”

Jarnis told Storyful that she and her daughter were about a mile away from their home when they saw the moose looking at a portable toilet nearby.

“We stopped and took photos. A car passed us and stopped in front of us. We took a video of it as it walked toward the car and around it,” Jarnis said.

The moose then disappeared into the yard of a nearby home. Credit: Jill Jarnis via Storyful

Video transcript


Megan, he's coming over here.


Megan, he's coming over here


Megan, he's coming over here.