The New MoonSwatch Mission To Neptune Moonshine Gold Watch Is Here

MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold
MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold

Fans of Omega’s high-low collaboration with Swiss fashion watchmaker Swatch can now look forward to yet another release under the MoonSwatch collection, with the debut of the MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold colourway.

In commemoration of the impending Blue Moon astrological phenomenon that is set to take place this week, the MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold is meant to also serve as a sequel to last year’s edition.

This also marks the newest addition to the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch Gold watches for 2023 overall, with slight tweaks on the collection‘s aesthetic recipe being offered in each fresh revamp.

Meet the new MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold watch

This includes everything from the addition of recycled gold plating, a secretly engraved number ‘3’, to pink accents and even a print made using traditional Swiss lanterns on the second needle of each varying edition. With that said, the case itself has remained the same overall, paying homage to the black seen on the original MoonSwatch.

For the MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold however, the watchmakers have elected to represent the parallels between blue moons and the MoonSwatch by means of using the Neptune colourway. Cast in a 42mm diameter case made of Swatch’s signature Bioceramic material, the watch also features a black strap with matching Neptune blue accents.

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Naturally, being a Moonshine Gold watch, the chronograph also features a second needle plated using recycled gold sourced from a certified refinery that has worked in partnership with Swatch for the project. And to add to the lunar connection, each watch sold will come with a certificate to confirm that the second needle was indeed crafted under the spell of a full moon. The jury’s out on whether any lycanthrope abilities are conferred to the wearer, though. 


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With that said, expect strong demand for the MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune Moonshine Gold watch, as in the case with its predecessors, this limited-edition design will only be sold for approximately one day. You can purchase yours on August 30 across all Swatch boutiques globally for MYR 1,260, if the odds are in your favour.

Feature and hero image credits: Swatch/Instagram

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