What Is the Moon Tarot Card? All About the Mysterious Card, Its Meaning and How You Can Interpret It

The Moon tarot card is the eighteenth Major Arcana card. Find out what it means, according to an expert

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The Moon Tarot cards

In cartomancy, also known as fortune-telling through cards, the Moon tarot card is the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana. These 22 cards in a deck of 78 represent life lessons and karmic paths. The Major Arcana starts with the Fool’s journey and ends with the divine knowledge of the World.

The Moon card can be alarming to some as it makes us aware that the dreams we’ve wanted may be out of reach or that we must be more pragmatic to succeed. The Moon reminds us not to take what we see or read with a grain of salt, but to search for truth and to be cognizant of our surroundings. Not everything is real and not everyone is honest.

Pulling the Moon card in a reading can mean different things. It’s vital to decipher its meaning in a way that resonates with you. Also, remember that tarot foretells the energy at the moment you’re seeking answers so the outcome can change if the card influences you to take action.

Think of a clear question while shuffling the cards to get the best results.

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What does the Moon tarot card mean?

The Moon tarot card represents mystery, intuition, and imagination. On one hand, these are all excellent attributes that can lead to an enchanting and exciting life, however, they can create ambiguity and confusion.

If you are unsure about something you might pull the Moon card because it signifies uncertainty around situations and can indicate that you lack the knowledge needed to make proper decisions. This card suggests that you will have to do a lot of investigative work around the matter to be sure of the intentions of others and to understand your motivations surrounding matters you’re asking the tarot about.

Rather than finding a surface-level explanation, you’ll have to dig deep within yourself to comprehend why you are subconsciously drawn to environments that don’t ignite your passions and bring you joy and instead, create confusion.

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What does the upright Moon tarot card represent?

Pulling an upright Moon tarot signifies that there may be secrets brewing underneath the surface that you don't want to acknowledge or want to be revealed. It would help if you did not let these issues, whatever they may be, get the better of you and instead, take this as a sign to face your problems head-on. Try not to let the past haunt you and focus on how to remedy complicated matters and create healthier dynamics in the present.

Be aware that the Moon card can also indicate lies hidden from our sight, so it can serve as a warning. If something seems off, trust your intuition. Don’t let people gaslight you into not acknowledging your gut feelings, because chances are you are correct.

This card could also represent miscommunications and misrepresenting situations.

What does the reversed moon tarot card represent?

The reversed Moon card in tarot means it’s time for a wake-up call. Acknowledge that you've been living in a fantasy and are finally seeing people, matters and life for how it truly is. It also means it's time to acknowledge that you've been living in self-deception and that other people have been hiding truths from you.

Now that you’re aware, however, understand that these matters must be dealt with immediately. Whether or not you choose to confront others is up to you, but that doesn’t mean these people or endeavors should continue to be part of your life.

If you find yourself feeling anxious, that means it's time to disconnect and focus on how you can start the healing process. Moving away from the negativity is important since these relationships aren’t sustainable. It is vital to let go of the past because you are being held back and not living up to your full potential.

What does the moon tarot card represent in astrology?

Astrologically, the Moon card represents the zodiac sign Pisces and the element water. Since Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, it translates to the elusive, artistic, visionary, dreamy, unconscious, ever-changing, creative, spiritual and instinctual meaning of the Moon. It also depicts hidden enemies, magic, occultism, and enlightenment.

However, Neptune is also referred to as “the divine discontent.” This means that things or people are never as they seem. This tarot card reminds us to look closer and within to find the truth.

Again, the Moon tarot card is number 18 in the Major Arcana or Trump cards. Numerologically, eighteen is defined as a prime number to use in manifestation work — as long as one is clear about the intention, which can be challenging due to the lack of clarity.

Combining 1 and 8 (the two numbers of eighteen) brings us to the number nine, which defines a new horizon or path nearing.

What does it mean when you pull the Moon tarot card?

Generally, the Moon focuses on intuition. What you do with the knowledge you’re receiving from the tarot is up to you. Also, it shows things buried beneath the surface that are illuminated by the Moon’s glow.

Here what the Moon tarot can mean for specific areas in your life:

Career: You are considering making a career change because you’re no longer in alignment with your original professional aspirations. Embrace the growth and process because it’s part of your job evolution.

Finances: Don’t be too trusting when it comes to your money. Make sure that investments are legit and that you aren’t being scammed. Proceed cautiously and don’t fall victim to swindlers trying to steal money.

Love: Hidden emotions are coming to light. This alludes to issues arising. Matters can be resolved and relationships can be amended if both parties are willing to be honest and do the work necessary to repair the connection.

Friendship: A frenemy could be a secret hater because they’re jealous. Be open with your feelings to transcend and evolve the friendship. You don’t have to give up on them but you do have to be honest with each other.

Family: Pulling the Moon card allows you to resolve drama and trauma in your family. Discuss your innermost sentiments with your brood and listen to their perspective. Find a middle ground to remedy the problem.

Health: You may be experiencing a lot of stress in your life, leading to extreme anxiety. Take a step back and relax. Focus on caring for yourself and finding a calm center to decompress.

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