Like the moon phases, Bonia undergoes a shift in movement with La Luna Monogram

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This is the dawning of a new era: for the first time since its inception, Bonia unveils a new logo and monogram to celebrate its upcoming half-century milestone, in the form of the La Luna Monogram collection.

If you made your way to Mid Valley Megamall over the past week, you likely found curious passers-by ogling the Bonia event taking place (or perhaps, you might have been one of them). Vividly decked out in a lush red, the space at the mall’s Centre Court was transformed into the La Luna Pop-up — a week-long event that invited friends and followers of the local Italian-inspired lifestyle brand to immerse in an exclusive ‘La Luna’ experience.

The La Luna experience not only gave visitors early access to Bonia’s newly coveted La Luna Monogram collection with special discounts, but guests got an exclusive sneak peek at the brand’s Ready-to-Wear Collection — and the Limited Edition B-Bear, among other things.

The event, and more importantly what it celebrated, marks Bonia’s official redesign since 1974 with a new logo and monogram to boot — just in time for its 48th anniversary.

La Luna Monogram

Taking inspiration from the moon’s changing phases as well as the house’s long, revered history of heritage and artisanship in contemporary fashion, the new La Luna monogram represents both a shift in movement and a sense of the brand’s enduring legacy. The new logo is a harmonious intertwining of B’s that form crescent shapes against each other — a testament to Bonia’s journey. What emerges from this shape is the infinity symbol, representing Bonia’s never-ending fighting spirit.

Lensed by French photographer Antoine Renault, the La Luna collection campaign features the brand’s signature looks bearing the new insignia, such as the limited-edition La Luna Sonia Bag and the Maris Crossbody Bag, as well as a range of men’s accessories and footwear. The campaign stars Malaysian artistes Scha Alyahya and Dini Schatzmann, and Indonesian actress Caitlin Halderman.

The La Luna collection will be available in boutiques and online from today onwards. Learn more about the La Luna collection HERE.

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