Moomoo investment super app lets you trade Malaysia and US stocks through a single platform

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 — Moomoo has officially expanded its reach into Malaysia. Described as an all-in-one investment super app, the new platform aims to deliver financial inclusivity through technology innovation and this is being done by reducing the complexity for the public to participate in the global stock market.

Moomoo Malaysia is a SC-licensed platform

Established in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto back in 2012, Moomoo currently has more than 21 million users globally. Aside from the United States, the company has established its presence in Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Canada.

Before the official launch today, the investment platform has already obtained the necessary regulatory approval to operate in Malaysia. This comes in the form of a Capital Market Services licence from the Securities Commission, registered under its official company name, Futu Malaysia.

Moomoo also noted that users may claim up to RM100,000 from the Capital Market Compensation Fund in the event that the platform fails to pay the amount that it owes to users if it becomes financially insolvent due to fraud, defalcation, or misselling. In addition to that, customers’ money is kept separately in a custodian account and fully segregated from Moomoo’s finances.

Features available through Moomoo Malaysia

One of Moomoo’s main attractions is the ability for users to trade Malaysia and US stocks through a single platform. Accessible through the web and mobile app, one can also trade exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), and warrants via Moomoo.

To help users make informed decisions at any given time and location, Moomoo has also made sure that there is a constant flow of real-time data on its platform from stock updates to breaking news from all over the world. In addition to that, one can also take advantage of Moomoo’s various analytical tools such as Heatmap, Stock Screener, Institutional Tracking, and Market Monitor to further help make their decision.

Moomoo Malaysia universal account holders are also being provided with complimentary access to real-time Malaysia LV1 3 levels and US LV2 60 levels quotes. There is also the paper trade feature whereby users can practice their trading skills using real-time data without losing any real money.

Regardless of whether they are still new to the stock market or already become experienced traders, everyone can also take advantage of over 600 investment courses through the platform’s Moo Learn section for free. Not to forget, users can also discuss and learn from other Moomoo users through the platform’s Community section.

Moomoo Malaysia launch promotion

In conjunction with its official launch, Moomoo is giving away a free Apple share for new users who open up a Moomoo Malaysia universal account with a total deposit of RM8,000 by March 31, 2024. If that amount is too high, one can also receive RM100 cash rewards by making a cumulative deposit of RM500 before the end of March.

Not to forget, users who perform at least one transaction with their Moomoo Malaysia universal account within the same promotional period will also be provided with complimentary access to Malaysia LV2 market data for a month. Do note that you can obtain up to six months of accumulative access under this promotion. — SoyaCincau