Montreal Driver Has Extreme Method to Stay Protected From Coronavirus After Pumping Gas

Vlogger David Freiheit came up with an extreme method to stay protected from COVID-19 after getting fuel for his car at a gas station in Montreal on March 27.

While still in his car, Freiheit takes a few deep breathes to prepare himself for the task ahead before putting on a glove to open his car door and touch the fuel handle.

After completing the task Freiheit takes the disinfecting to a new level: As soon as he gets home, Freiheit cleans the cover of his car’s gas tank and then goes into the kitchen to spray his hand with alcohol. He then proceeds to light his hand on fire.

Freiheit shared his unusual process — which more closely resembles a scene from an action film than a routine chore — on his Youtube channel.

Freiheit told Storyful that while the coronavirus pandemic has brought out his neuroses, the video was intended to be a humorous take on the fears of getting gas during the pandemic. Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful