Momma Bear Skillfully Scales Porch Railing to Drink From Birdbath

A family in Holderness, New Hampshire, was delighted to witness a mother bear scrambling up a porch railing to drink water out of a birdbath on April 28 as her cubs looked on.

Video recorded by Jane Kemmerer shows a mother bear deftly climbing the elevated deck. The black bear slowly and skillfully sidesteps until she’s close enough to lean in to a birdbath for a drink of water.

Kemmerer told Storyful that the family of bears were initially attracted to their porch as they had left their bird feeders out longer than usual.

“Living in New Hampshire, we understand that bears are hungry after a long winter and they are looking for food,” Kemmerer said. Credit: Jane Kemmerer via Storyful

Video transcript

- She's going for more. Oh, my gosh. She's climbing it up there. Look, there's a bunch of seeds over there.

- Yep.

- She's just climbing.

- She like, hey, y'all, losers. Aww.


- She's rock climbing.

- She's like, whoa! Look how thick that thing is.

- Hey, don't wreck my porch.

- No.

- I'll take a couple of scratches, but I don't need you to--


- She's going to sit-in the chair and just relax.


- Oh, my God.


- Don't move. Freeze.

- Ssh. Ssh.

- Oh, my gosh.

- Pa-pop, I told you she's going for the water. Remember, Pa-pop, I told you that.

- She wants a--

- What a cool place. Is that--

- Oh, my God.

- Is that a bar they have there?

- I told you--


- I told you she wanted water, Pa-pop. I told you. Pop, I told you she needed--

- Ssh. I know. Ssh.



- Oh, my God. Is she going to crawl over? She's puking. Did you see that?

- The cub's running away.

- She's telling the babies to take off.

- Oh. She just need a sip. She just spit it all out, though.


- [INAUDIBLE]. She's going.

- Oh, my, my, my.

- I think that might be [INAUDIBLE]. I think we might be done.

- No.

- She was puking the water out.

- Yeah.

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