Mom Uses CPR to Save Newborn After Voice Wakes Her, Telling Her ‘Look at the Baby’

A London mom used CPR to save her son when she awoke to find the 17-day-old wasn’t breathing

<p>Lucy Robin / SWNS</p> Lucy Robin with son Sammie

Lucy Robin / SWNS

Lucy Robin with son Sammie

A UK mom says she used CPR to save her newborn son, who had stopped breathing in the middle of the night — and she’s now trying to raise awareness about the importance of learning the lifesaving procedure.

Last year, Lucy Robin, 35, welcomed Sophie and her twin brother Sammie, who had to be hospitalized in the NICU for nine days after he was born without a heartbeat.

When he was finally sent home, "Everything was clinically fine," the London mom told SWNS.

"But I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right with him."

When he was 17 days old, Robin said she put Sammie to sleep and went to bed herself, but shortly afterwards, "I sat bolt upright in bed."

<p>Lucy Robin / SWNS</p> Lucy Robin with twins Sammie and Sophie

Lucy Robin / SWNS

Lucy Robin with twins Sammie and Sophie

"I didn’t even wake up slowly. I literally sat up straight away,” she told the outlet, adding, “As I sat up I remember a voice in my head saying, Look at the baby.'”

Robin said Sammie was blue, and when she picked him up “his hands were freezing cold” and he had “a tiny trickle of blood by his nose.”

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She woke up her husband Patrick, and said she thought Sammie was dead — before realizing, “I need to do something."

<p>Lucy Robin / SWNS</p> Sammie in the hospital

Lucy Robin / SWNS

Sammie in the hospital

Robin began doing CPR while her husband called for an ambulance.

In the seven minutes it took for emergency services to arrive, "I got his breathing back but not fully, he was taking a breath once every thirty seconds," Robin told SWNS.

"I was giving CPR and the next minute my house was full of paramedics and police," Robin said.

Sammie was hospitalized for four weeks — and although his mom says doctors aren’t sure what caused him to go into cardiac arrest, he and his sister just celebrated their first birthday.

<p>Lucy Robin / SWNS</p> Twins Sammie and Sophie recently turned 1

Lucy Robin / SWNS

Twins Sammie and Sophie recently turned 1

Now Robin is hoping to raise awareness of the importance of learning CPR — especially if you’re a parent.

"I think it’s important people know how to help their babies," says Robin, who has seven children.

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"Never in a million years did I dream I’d have to resuscitate any of my children,” she told SWNS. "I don’t know what would’ve happened without that training — my son wouldn’t be here today."

"It’s a couple of hours of training,” Robin says, “but for Sammie it was worth a lifetime.”

The Red Cross offers guidance on how to conduct CPR on children, and you can look for a class on their website.

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