Mom speaks out after daughter suspended from school for filming teacher using racial slur

 (Natalie Hull Law)
(Natalie Hull Law)

The mother of a Missouri high school student suspended for recording a teacher using a racial slut in class has defended her daughter’s actions.

An unnamed geometry teacher was suspended and then resigned after a video shot by student Mary Walton at Glendale High School in Springfield emerged.

In the video, which went viral, the teacher can be heard asking why Black people can use the n-word but it is offensive when other people do so.

The teacher can then be heard using the word two times, with one student warning the teacher about using it and another gasping in shock.

The teenager was suspended from school for three days after being told she had violated the school district’s electronic device policy.

Kate Welborn, Mary’s mother, slammed the school district for taking disciplinary action against her daughter, who was due to return to school on Wednesday.

“I think that the amount of attention that things have gotten, that was an unexpected turn for her, and I think that she would prefer things to be a little quieter, but she does intend to return, and I’m proud of her for doing that,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

Tapper then asked her what message officials had been sending by taking action against her daughter for using her phone in the classroom.

“I think they’re saying know your place. And I think they’re protecting the – I think they’re the adults and the status quo more than they are encouraging the students to learn or grow or apply critical thinking skills,” she said.

The family’s lawyer, Natalie Hull, told Tapper that they wanted the suspension removed from her client’s record and an apology.

“Sometimes you need to break the rules for what’s right, and this rule does not have – well, one, its inappropriate use is their rule, but this would absolutely be appropriate use for a video when there is misconduct or illegal activity occurring. Indisputable and refutable evidence is absolutely beneficial in situations like this,” she said.

“We have a room full of teenagers, and if they had gone to the administration with only their word, who knows exactly how long an investigation would have taken? Who knows if they would have been believed? But being able to provide documented evidence such as this is absolutely essential for situations this or worse.”

The school district says that it cannot specifically comment on disciplinary action taken against a student.

“The teacher who was initially placed on administrative leave following the situation at Glendale High School is no longer employed by Springfield Public Schools,” a spokesperson for the school district told The Independent in a statement.

“Furthermore, much speculation has occurred regarding student discipline related to a video recording of the unacceptable classroom incident. Student discipline is confidential, per federal law, and Springfield Public Schools cannot disclose specifics related to actions taken.”