Mom Shares Simple Cardboard Hack That Gets Her Kids Excited to Fold Laundry

Influencer Alexia Delarosa’s toddlers learned to fold T-shirts with a quick DIY folding board

<p>Instagram/lex.delarosa</p> Influencer Alexia Delarosa shows off the folding hack that gets her kids excited to help with laundry


Influencer Alexia Delarosa shows off the folding hack that gets her kids excited to help with laundry

A mom is sharing how her toddlers are able to help her with laundry!

Influencer Alexia Delarosa — who shares “moments from daily life, motherhood, and baking,” per her Instagram bio — shared a video detailing a hack she created for when her young children want to help her fold clothes.

In the April 19 Instagram post, which she captioned “pov: your kids wanted to help fold the laundry,” Delarosa creates a DIY mini folding board using just a piece of cardboard and some tape.

She first cut the board into four pieces using a boxcutter, sharing the measurements of each, and then used clear tape to reattach them on both sides.

The mom of two then showed how the board works, putting one of her toddlers’ T-shirts in the center upside down and bending each cardboard piece over until the tee is perfectly folded.

Delarosa then showed one of her children giving the homemade contraption a try, excitedly folding T-shirts to perfection.

Eventually, both kids got in on the action, grinning ear-to-ear as they used the boards.

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In the comments section, several people lauded the mom for getting her kids excited about such a mundane household task,.

“Have you been reading my mind?! I was looking up how to do this to help my kids fold their laundry,” one wrote, “and here you are like fairy godmother on the gram.”

Another added: “I need to make this for my daughter to help out!”

Others suggested helpful additions, such as “Trace a shirt on there so they can easily place it themselves,” and shared plans to make them for themselves, not their kids.

“Tell me you worked in a clothing store without telling me,” one user wrote. “I need to make some of these for myself honestly!”

Delarosa even made a comment sharing how to adapt the DIY board for adult use, writing, “For everyone saying they want to make own for themselves (or their husbands😂) you'll need to adjust the dimensions of the card board!”

“This size is perfect for toddler/little kid clothes, but not so good for adult sizes haha,” she added.

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