Mom Kept All of Her Kids' Childhood Toys. Now the Family Is Reorganizing Their Entire Collection (Exclusive)

Kamryn Trousdale and her three siblings are taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting playtimes past

<p></p> Kamryn Trousdale

Kamryn Trousdale's toy collection
  • Kamryn Trousdale's mom has kept all of her toys from childhood. Now that she and her three siblings are teens and adults, the family is sorting through the extensive collection

  • Kamryn, 25, has given her TikTok followers glimpses of years' worth of Barbies, board games, play sets and more, plus her mom's Disney keepsakes and vintage toys

  • The Trousdale family is also selling some — but not all — of their toys on eBay

Kamryn Trousdale and her siblings are reliving their most fun childhood memories, one toy at a time.

The 25-year-old office manager has posted several TikToks showcasing her family's vast treasury of Barbies, play sets, trinkets, board games, video games and more. Kamryn's mom, Kim, kept all of her kids' toys from over the years and organized them in storage trailers at home in Alabama.

Between all four kids — Kamryn, her 21-year-old brother Kaden and 16-year-old sisters Kennedy and Keller — and Kim's own Disney and vintage toy collection, the Trousdales' gallery of keepsakes has become a time capsule of playtimes past.

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Now the family is sorting through their beloved items and even selling some things on eBay. In Kamryn's first TikTok teasing their treasure trove of toys — which has reached 1.3 million viewers on the app — she noted some of the ways they acquired so many playthings, from birthday and holiday gifts to yard sale buys and hand-me-downs from family and friends.

"We probably have over 50 years worth of toys and games!" Kamryn wrote in one of the video's overlaying captions.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the TikTok creator credits her mom for holding on to their favorite items for so many years. Kamryn says that her mother didn't grow up with an abundance of toys, so she wanted to give her kids the full playtime experience.

"My mom had a bad childhood, and what little she had was thrown out. The few things she did have weren’t taken care of and were often lost when her mom would move them from place to place," Kamryn says of Kim, who left home at age 14. In adulthood, Kim started collecting toys from yard sales and thrift stores, which evolved into a love for vintage toys, though she only has a couple items for her own past.

<p>Kamryn Trousdale</p> Kamryn Trousdale's toy collection

Kamryn Trousdale

Kamryn Trousdale's toy collection

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"Once she had children of her own, she made sure we had everything we could have wanted, kept all of it and kept them organized. She had nothing and made sure her kids had everything," Kamryn tells PEOPLE of her mom. "She says someday she’ll be the coolest grandma in town with all the things we have. I wouldn’t have to buy anything new for my future children if I didn’t want to."

Per her eBay storefront titled, the family has sold 22 pieces so far. They have 57 vintage and more contemporary toys currently available for purchase. The items vary in listing price as well — one vintage Polly Pocket compact from 1989 starts at $15.99 while a 2004 Barbie Fairytopia plush toy is up for $129.99.

Kamryn tells PEOPLE that she doesn't plan to sell off their entire collection, but she is hoping to "declutter" by getting rid of duplicates and toys that are less sentimental to her family. Plus managing their online sales has been much more time consuming than the eldest sister expected.

"It also doesn’t help that I am a perfectionist. I want to make sure every item we are selling is clean, working and has all pieces before we actually list," says Kamryn. "We have been working on it for a month but only in our free time after work and on weekends ... My mom’s craft room has turned into a shipping zone with all the boxes and [toys] waiting to be listed and shipped."

<p>Kamryn Trousdale</p> The Trousdales' vintage toy collection

Kamryn Trousdale

The Trousdales' vintage toy collection

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But despite the higher maintenance aspects, Kamryn appreciates the nostalgic quality time spent with her family as they organize their toys. She says her mom and dad, Kim's husband Kevin, have flipped their home's attic into a storage area-slash-playroom where the group can revisit their old belongings.

"As we have been going through boxes there is also at least one person going 'I remember these!' " Kamryn tells PEOPLE, though she notes that it doesn't feel as though they really ever forgot about their old toys. "[We] have been itching to experience them again," she adds.

They've shared some intergenerational fun too, between Kamryn's Little Pet Shop, My Little Pony and Polly Pocket collections; her teen sisters' more recent Lalaloopsy Monster High dolls; and their mother's vintage favorites. Still, timeless favorites stand out amongst the four siblings.

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<p>Kamryn Trousdale</p> Kamryn Trousdale's toy collection

Kamryn Trousdale

Kamryn Trousdale's toy collection

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"My sisters and I spent a whole weekend going through and dressing Barbies while watching the old Barbie movies. We’ve always loved everything Barbie," says Kamryn. "My brother has a mountain of Hot Wheels and Legos he gets to enjoy too, but he’s especially excited [about] getting all the game systems out."

The Trousdales' trip down memory lane isn't limited to all that's plastic and fantastic: they're taking the opportunity to relish in all types of shared memories.

"We’ve started watching old home movies and going through scrapbooks too laughing at everything we used to do.  We are all excited to spend the summer going through toys and reminiscing," Kamryn tells PEOPLE. "There’s definitely a freedom in getting to play like a kid again."

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