Mom and Daughter Build Cardboard Car to Use at McDonald's Drive-Thru

A woman and her daughter in La Louvière, Belgium, came up with a creative way to order McDonald’s after they learned their local outlet was only accepting drive-thru customers: they built a cardboard car.

Nathalie Moermans and her 16-year-old daughter Marie made the 500-meter trip from their home in La Louvière to their local McDonald’s restaurant in the vehicle they made from some Ikea boxes.

Speaking to the Brussels Times, Nathalie said her daughter was disappointed to learn that their local McDonald’s was open to drive-thru customers only, prompting her to build the car.

The car featured a “COVID-19” license plate and had a sign which read, “Sorry, I don’t have a car, but want a McDonald’s."

Nathalie said their improvisation paid off, with staff happy to take their order. Credit: Isabel Moermans via Storyful