Modern Warfare III Players Beg For OP ‘Groot’ Skin To Get Removed

Groot (Nova's Gaia skin) guns down a hapless soldier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.
Groot (Nova's Gaia skin) guns down a hapless soldier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Modern Warfare III players are begging Activision to remove a “literally invisible” cosmetic first introduced in Modern Warfare II that’s plaguing multiplayer matches yet again.

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Modern Warfare III players are complaining about the skin everywhere they can, from Reddit to Twitter to YouTube. Redditor jamesswazz posted to the game’s official subreddit on November 9, saying the skin “needs a nerf” because it’s “so OP” and “literally invisible.” User ashurovnet asked why it’s still in the game, sharing two photos of absolutely nothing, suggesting that an invisible Groot was in right front of them. Redditor i_haz_a_lyfe, meanwhile, said the CoD community is “begging [Activision]” to do something about the “god awful skin.”

The Gaia skin is such a visual nightmare for several reasons: not only is it partially see-through, with the operator’s limbs made up of interconnected branches, but it’s also a muddy-brown color. Kotaku’s own Alyssa Mercante can confirm that the skin, which is a little brown, a little green, and a little red, with a wire-like body suit that you can, quite literally, peer all the way through, is very difficult to spot. Since some of Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer maps takes place in outdoor areas that mimic the same drab palette, Groot players seem to have an advantage when out in the open. Unless you’re constantly aiming-down-sights to place your reticle on the enemy or listening for player movement through headphones, you’re probably going to get gunned down before you ever know what shot at you.

Kotaku reached out to Activision for comment.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III—available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox—has been panned by critics and fans alike. Despite a relatively smooth-feeling multiplayer experience, the game’s short campaign hasn’t done it any favors, putting it on track to becoming the worst-reviewed Call of Duty in series history. Not a good look.

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