New models to be electric by early 2030s - Nissan

Nissan says that it's planning for all of its new models to be either hybrids or fully electric by the early 2030s in most major auto markets.

The company says this should cover its home country, Japan, China, Europe, and the United states.

The drive to build EVs is part of Nissan's aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Many automakers are racing for similar electric pushes, and in some countries they don't have a choice.

In the UK, for instance, new cars powered only by petrol and diesel will not be sold from 2030.

Japan itself wants to end sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles by the mid-2030s and move towards EVS.

The country laid out a so-called 'green growth strategy' last year to help reach its carbon-neutral goal by 2050.

Japan faces a challenge to achieve that.

Renewable energy made up just 18% of the its power mix in the year ended March 2020.