New Mod Turns Dead Space Into A Creepy First-Person Horror Game

Gameplay of Dead Space’s new FPS mod

The original Dead Space may not look as fancy as that new remake released earlier this year, but thanks to a new fan-created mod, you can play the original game in first person. Not only does this seem scarier, but it actually looks really good, too.

First released back in 2008, the original Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games and published by EA for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It’s a terrifying third-person survival horror game that feels heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4 and sci-fi films like Event Horizon. Both the original Dead Space (and its flashy 2023 remake) rely on being able to see main character Issac Clarke’s back and body, as this is where your health and other HUD elements are placed. And having the camera back there lets you see around you more, helping save you from ambushes lurking around corners.

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So what if a mod got rid of all that and turned the game into an FPS aka a first-person scary? Would the scares be scarier? Would health management be near-impossible? Would the experience be more difficult overall? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

EA / Reverse Engineering Gamer

First Person Mod is the simply titled but excellent-looking Dead Space mod created by Reverse Engineering Gamer that does exactly as it suggests: it turns Dead Space into a first-person experience. The mod is out now and available to download via Nexus mods, though keep in mind this is developed for the original Dead Space, not the modern remake.

According to the mod creator, the “core” of the mod only took around five days to create. However, tweaking and tuning the mod to work as well as it does and making the game actually playable in first person took “several months” and involved a lot of work. Originally, the plan wasn’t to create a first-person mod, but to experiment to see what kind of camera mods could be implemented in the horror game. Kotaku reached out to the modder about what these other camera mods were.

“This quickly grew into a first-person mod project,” explained Reverse Engineering Gamer.

“Admittedly there were some frustrating times while making this mod, but overall I had a lot of fun creating this project. I hope that you guys enjoy playing/using this mod as much as I had fun making it.”

While the mod creator suggests you “enjoy” their creation, I think most people will be too scared to enjoy it as they desperately shove health packs into their faces, unable to tell if they are near death or not while being chased by some unseen pack of undead nasties. Have fun!

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