New MMO Sky: Children of the Light made history with a massive in-game concert

 Characters running in a field
Characters running in a field

Cozy MMO Sky: Children of the Light just made history with a massive in-game concert.

Thatgamecompany, previously known for developing the beautiful and relaxing adventure game Journey, announced earlier this month its intentions to host an in-game concert. The intention was to break the Guinness World Record for "Most Users in a Concert-Themed Virtual World", and after no small amount of preparation thatgamecompany has managed to pull it off.

Scheduled for August 25, over 10,000 players attended Sky: Children of the Light for a musical event. The headlining act would be Norwegian singer Aurora, who took fans on an incredible spiritual journey with mesmerising special effects filling the virtual space.

"While thatgamecompany created Sky, it is our dedicated community that has sculpted its universe", creative director Jenova Chen said. "Our players deserve all the credit that made this record-breaking achievement possible. Their unwavering support and passion for togetherness breathe life into the very essence of Sky as it stands today."

While record-breaking concerts don't happen every day, you can expect to have consistently wonderful experiences in this atmospheric MMO. In Sky: Children of the Light, players can "see the best of humanity" and "meaningfully connect with others" as they rise above the clouds.

You can team up with players from around the world to discover the secrets of this mysterious world. You can adventure into darker realms, bring light to your Ancestors, and even uncover ancient treasures.

There are usually a good deal of attractions, seasonal events, and realm expansions. So while there may not be a concert to attend every weekend, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Originally available on Android and iOS, you can now play Sky: Children of the Light on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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