MM2H Programme To Be Reactivated In October 2021

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme will be reactivated in October, with the application conditions and policies improved to balance economic and security aspects, according to the Home Ministry.

The MM2H programme has been temporarily suspended since August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and re-evaluation of the programme.

From October 2021 onwards, the Immigration Department will manage and handle the processing of new applications for the programme, said Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Wan Ahmad Dahlan Abdul Aziz.

He added that the Cabinet had agreed on 14 July and 30 July to the proposed improvements to MM2H policies as a strategy to help in the National Recovery Plan’s implementation to regenerate Malaysia’s economy, reported Bernama.

“The MM2H application procedures will also be improved by creating an online system for the application, processing and maintaining the profile database of MM2H participants,” he said.

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Among the improvements is the setting of a limit on the number of participants – the principals and dependants – to be accepted at any one time, said Wan Ahmad Dahlan.

He noted that the government has agreed to set a ceiling on the number of MM2H participants, including the principal and their dependents at one time to be not more than 1% of the number of Malaysian citizens.

“Only qualified applicants with no criminal records will be allowed to be part of the programme,” he said, noting that the government understands the concerns of Malaysians regarding the foreigners’ entry to the country via the MM2H programme.

Applicants should also reside in the country for a cumulative period of at least 90 days per year to ensure that they contribute to the economy in the form of property purchases or rentals, insurance, education, healthcare services, domestic tourism as well as food and drinks.

They should also have minimum offshore income of RM40,000 per month, up from RM10,000 previously.

“The new income conditions are more relevant as the government is targeting high-income participants with adequate capabilities. We also consider the expenses spent on children’s education in international schools for instance, and a suitable lifestyle matching their living standards,” said Wan Ahmad Dahlan as quoted by Bernama.

He added that applicants will also be required to have a fixed savings account of RM1 million, way higher compared to at least RM150,000 previously for applicants 50 years old and above and RM300,000 for applicants 50 years old and below.

Participants should also prove that they own at least RM1.5 million in liquid assets, up from RM350,000 and RM500,000 in liquid assets based on respective categories.

Moreover, the programme will now have two categories – those aged 35 to 49 and those aged 50 and above.

“The 35- to 49-year-old category was introduced to select participants of real quality who are more stable income-wise and have careers,” explained Wan Ahmad Dahlan. The move comes amid changing trends as well as the spillover effects of similar programmes in neighbouring countries like the Philippines and Thailand.

The duration of MM2H long-term social visit pass has been slashed from 10 years to five years, which could be extended for another five years and so on as long as participants comply with the application conditions.

Meanwhile the pass fee rate has been raised from RM90 to RM500 per year. A processing fee of RM5,000 will be charged for the principal, while each dependant will be charged RM2,500.

“Previously, no processing fee was charged. The processing fee is aimed at increasing the quality of service offered to MM2H participants,” noted Wan Ahmad Dahlan.

The new policies will apply to all new applications as well as applications for extension of existing participants.

“This means existing participants, if they are still keen on joining the programme, can seek extensions subject to the new conditions,” he said.

“A grace period of a year will be given so that participants can fulfil the new requirements.”

Introduced in 2002, the MM2H programme allows foreigners to acquire property and live in Malaysia on a long-term basis. In August 2020, the programme was temporarily frozen to enable the Home Ministry as well as the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to comprehensively study and review the programme.

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