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MLB reportedly halts Braves’ big hat home run celebration after New Era complaints

The oversized hat celebration quietly disappeared from the Braves' dugout this week

The Atlanta Braves’ big hat celebrations are over.

Major League Baseball informed the Braves that they have to stop using the oversized hat when celebrating home runs due to complaints the league received from New Era, according to ESPN’s Joon Lee.

The incredible celebration became a huge hit in recent weeks. The hat originally came from local sports memorabilia collector “More than Sports” and was gifted to several players during opening weekend, per ESPN. Every time the Braves hit a home run, the player would toss the hat on and start celebrating in the dugout.

The big hat, however, isn’t made by New Era, MLB’s official hat manufacturer. It’s unclear when the company complained to the league, but the celebration has quietly died down in recent days.

As fun as they were, the big cap days are over in Atlanta.

The Braves entered Thursday’s game against the Marlins with a 17-8 record and a three-game win streak over Miami. The Braves have 40 home runs, which is third in the league behind only the Tampa Bay Rays (48) and Los Angeles Dodgers (45). Second baseman Ozzie Albies and first baseman Matt Olson lead Atlanta with seven home runs each this season. Catcher Sean Murphy has six, and third baseman Austin Riley has five. Dodgers star Max Muncy leads the league with 11.