Mizz Nina denies previous IG post was about marital woe

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22 Jul – Mizz Nina recently dismissed the notion that her recent "ambiguous" post was about the state of her marriage with Hujan vocalist, Noh Salleh.

The former singer previously fuelled rumours of marital woes when she posted a message online that read, "Some things may look extremely difficult in life. Making hijrah, going through difficulties, pain of loss, fights, a job, divorce, or any situation that seems hard, are in reality, good and beneficial for you where the outcome is good and beautiful."

"It's like taking medication. No one likes to because it's bitter, but we have to take them because it is good for us. On the other hand, you may love something but you don't realise that the effect and outcome of it is bad and negative; it may bring you harm and you love it because of the ease, comfort and enjoyment it brings, which may stop you from gaining great rewards and benefits."

When asked about it recently, Mizz Nina, real name Shazrina Azman, denied that she was talking about herself on the post.

"I was just reposting a post from the QalbyApp Facebook page. I have been doing this for a long time. It's not a personal statement," she said.

Qalbyapp is an Islamic mobile app co-founded by the former Teh Tarik Crew member that provides "trusted Islamic Essentials, Education and Lifestyle contents based on the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah."

In a previous interview, husband Noh Salleh dismissed the rumour as false, saying, "You're just duped. I just found out. I never expected such a story would come out."

Noh Salleh previously dismissed rumours of marital woes
Noh Salleh previously dismissed rumours of marital woes

(Photo Source: Mizz Nina Instagram)