Mixed reactions to King Charles III’s first address

STORY: ARRAN BYERS, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: “...it all just feels very different. It feels very final now, feels like it's actually happened.”

As Britain's King Charles made his first address to the nation following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth - the country's longest-reigning monarch, some in the large crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace on Friday offered their reviews.

MARGOT STUMM, WORKS IN EVENTS: "Yeah.. he was composed, emotional..."

ARRAN BYERS, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: "Very human, I thought. Mama, Papa, that kind of language always nice to hear…”

JOSHUA WILLIAMS, U.S. POLICE OFFICER: “I think he did a great job. I think, you know, he's coming into a big responsibility and having a big responsibility like this, he's going to have to be very regal about the way he speaks and he did a great job…”

JAMES HASTINGS, ACTOR: "...obviously every British person has grown up with The Queen so it's going to be a really big change..."

Meanwhile, regulars at the Queen Elizabeth pub in Walworth, south London gave a more mixed reaction as they watched the King’s address Friday evening:

SINITTA KINLAN: "I think with all the age range it's going to be a lot of tax money going to change a lot of stuff and then, you know he's quite old himself so it's just William should have got it, in my opinion, economy wise, later on, in the long run, not having to change things back again. I think he can do some good, he can't do any worse, so good luck to him."

KEITH BRIFFITT: "I think it was good, I think it was nice and I hope he does well. But if you want my honest opinion, I'd rather have seen William be there and not him be on there…”

King Charles paid a heartfelt tribute to his late mother during the speech and vowed to serve with "loyalty, respect and love."

He will officially be proclaimed king on Saturday at a meeting of the Accession Council held at St James's Palace followed by proclamations across the nation.