Mixed feelings from Londoners ahead of coronation

STORY: The coronation, whose origins date back some 1,000 years, will be the biggest ceremonial event since that staged for Charles' mother Queen Elizabeth back in 1953 and will attract thousands of flag waving royal devotees.

But in Whitechapel, a relatively poor area to the east of the city, opinions varied from downright anger through apathy to mild curiosity.

"They just take everything from me. They never do a day's work," said Philip Nash, 68, as he swept the streets.

"I'd like to see one of them come out here, come sweep this street. Have you known any of them to do a day's work? They are like vampires, sucking my blood."

Across Britain, shops and public areas are bedecked with Union Flag bunting, street parties are planned and giant screens will show the ceremony at 30 sites around the nation.

While planning and details for the historic occasions have been trailed for months in the media, polls suggest the majority of the public are not that interested.