Missing father’s remains identified after tattooed arm discovered in shark

 (Jam Press)
(Jam Press)

The tattooed arm of a missing man has been found inside a shark by two stunned fishermen.

Diego Alejandro Barría was last seen alive nine days ago.

The fishermen found the remains inside one of the three spiny dogfish they caught on Sunday (26 February). They found the forearm with a distinctive tattoo that was later identified by the 35-year-old victim’s relatives.

The fishermen immediately informed the Naval Prefecture of Caleta Córdoba in the Argentine province of Chubut.

The remains were taken to a nearby morgue where Diego’s family members identified him

Diego left his home in Puerto Visser on his quad bike on 18 February. He greeted several local fishermen and later an acquaintance who was the last person to see him alive.

Two days after his disappearance, Diego’s quad bike and helmet were found heavily damaged in the protected coastal area of Rocas Coloradas. The next day his partner Virginia Brugger said in an emotional social media: “Do not leave me. I pray to God that you show up soon.

“Here I am waiting for you. Don’t scare me like this.”

The authorities intensified the search operation, scanning the area between Puerto Visser and Rocas Coloradas by land, air and water. Police spokesperson Daniela Milatruz said it appears as though there was an accident and investigators are looking into whether another vehicle was involved.

After his quad bike was found heavily damaged, the authorities suspect he may have been dazed and walked into the water or was knocked unconscious and dragged out to sea by the tide. The seat of the quad bike was later found further up the coast after being dragged away by the tide.

Civil Protection spokesperson José Mazzei said: “We currently have two hypotheses. One, that he was injured. And the other, which has more weight to it, is that - due to the damage to the quad - he was knocked unconscious on the coast and the strong high tide dragged him away.”

However, the authorities said no hypotheses have been ruled out and “everything is open for investigation”, including the possibility of foul play.

Just hours before Diego’s remains were found, the police discovered a pair of MDQ-brand sunglasses in a Reef case near to where his quad was located. Diego’s mother confirmed they belonged to him.

The authorities are waiting for the forensic results on Diego’s remains and belongings to help shed light on how he ended up in the sea. The investigation continues.