Missing British boy's father describes situation as 'nightmare'

Missing British boy's father describes situation as 'nightmare'

The rescue efforts for missing British teenager Jay Slater on the Spanish island of Tenerife entered its seventh day on Sunday – a day after his father Warren Slater visited the site of his son's disappearance and described the situation as a "nightmare".

"Just hoping that somebody has helped him off this mountain," his father told media.

"That's all I want, that somebody has helped him get off this mountain," Slater added.

The 19-year-old was holidaying on the Canary island with two friends when he went missing in the early hours of Monday, June 17, after attending a music festival.

Slater had phoned his friend Lucy Law at 8am to say he had missed the 40-minute bus ride home from the event and would walk the 10 kilometres back to their accommodation.

He informed her that he had no water, was lost and his mobile phone was on 1%.

The perilous walk back has been described by experienced hikers as very difficult and could take up to 11 hours. Hiker Susannah Smith told media that she is an athletic person and found the route difficult.

"The way down was difficult on the knees, the way up, you know, halfway through having had lunch, having had adequate water, having had a hiking pole to help us along, was very difficult, by the end it was, you know, really a mind over matter," she said.

A GoFundMe page set up by Law today cracked 35,464 euros raised to help the emergency effort and Slater family.

According to local media reports, search teams on Sunday morning focussed on searching some small outbuildings near to where the teenager's phone was last located.