Miss Pigskin? How NFL Broadcasts Are Catering to Kids

Tim Baysinger
·1-min read

As families have been stuck inside their homes for the better part of a year and with many more months of that still to come, some NFL broadcasts are trying to make their parents’ favorite game a bit more accessible to their small children (as long as they don’t ask when players go into the blue tent). For its penultimate broadcast of the season, ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” has enlisted the Muppets to kick off the broadcast tonight. Next month, ViacomCBS will go the extra mile (I guess we should say “yards”) with a completely separate kids-focused broadcast of an NFL playoff game for Nickelodeon. It’s Spongebob-meets-football. CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told TheWrap that offering a dual, kids-focused broadcast was a major factor in CBS getting one of the two extra playoff games this year (NBC got the other one). Nickelodeon’s game will be an AFC matchup on Sunday, Jan. 10 at 4:30 p.m. ET; CBS will air a traditional broadcast of that game as well. Also Read: Here's a Sneak Peek at What Nickelodeon's NFL Playoff Broadcast Will Look Like, Green Slime and All (Video) “We had talked a lot about promotional opportunities we could do. But when we...

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