Miss Grand Malaysia struts with seven ‘ritual’ dolls in national costume round (Video)

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Miss Grand Malaysia strutted on stage last night and showed off her national costume, which consisted of seven mannequins decked in blue and gold silk gowns.

Lishalliny Kanaran, 24, was seen pulling the dolls with her across the stage yesterday, while competing in the international round of the pageant, held at DC Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. The costume, named the “7 Ancient Princesses of Ulek Mayang,” pays homage to a ritual dance from Terengganu that is believed to have healing powers for fishermen possessed by spirits.

The elaborate costume was created by local bridal boutique Aldrin’s Artistry. All of the mannequins wore headdresses and stood in ulek mayang dance poses while Lishalliny wore a black-and-gold traditional Malay costume for men, representing a shaman.

Other notable costumes from the competition include those by representatives from Thailand, Peru, and Cambodia.

According to local folklore, the Ulek Mayang tells a story of a sea princess who literally captured the soul of a fisherman she had fallen in love with. His soul returned to his body with the help of a shaman, who called upon the princess and her sisters.

A total of 61 beauty queens were vying for the Miss Grand International tiara and a USD$40,000 cash prize. Last year’s winner was Abena Appiah from the US.

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