Ministry of higher education: Students to remain at their current locations, lessons to continue online

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A student attends an online class from home during movement control order (MCO) in Petaling Jaya on January 26, 2021. — Picture by Miera Zulyana
A student attends an online class from home during movement control order (MCO) in Petaling Jaya on January 26, 2021. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 — The ministry of higher education has urged all students of institutions of higher learning to remain at their current location.

The ministry also encourages all teaching and learning to be conducted online.

“Students who are already on campus are to remain on campus.

“Students who have not returned to campus are to put any movement on hold until a date is announced later.

“Students are to remain at their respective localities and continue with lessons online,” the ministry said in a statement today.

The ministry also said that all students must remain on campus and will only be allowed to leave campus with the permission of the management of the respective IPTs following standard operating procedures (SOP).

It also reminded students that all activities that involve being physically present are prohibited.

As for lessons involving use of a laboratory and equipment, they will only be allowed for individual usage and with the permission of department heads following strict SOPs.

“The IPT management is responsible for ensuring that SOPs are adhered to by all students.

“As for students outside of campus who are involved with research activities and need laboratory usage, they can request for permission from IPT management to enter campus premises,” the ministry added.

For academic staff, all are to work from home.

“Presence at the office will only be allowed for work that cannot be done at home.

“No more than 20 per cent of academic and non-academic staff are allowed to be present at their respective IPTs and for a maximum of four hours.

“Academic and non-academic staff are not allowed to be in their office unless they need a certain facility and have to make an official request,” said the ministry.

As for meetings, all are to be conducted online.

All club, association and co-curricular group activities will not be allowed.

This applies to social, religious, economy, sports and recreational activities.

“Only individual sports and recreational activities are allowed and limited to jogging and exercise and there must be at least two- to three-metre physical distance,” the ministry said.

Other facilities such as banks, pharmacies, sundry shops, launderettes and cafetarias are allowed to operate following SOPs and operation hours allowed by the government.

“Only packed food will be served at the cafeteria,” said the ministry.

These guidelines will be effective throughout the lockdown from June 1-14.

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